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  • Connected through sustainable cooperation
    OSM’s website project paves the way for closer cross-company collaboration.
    OSM introduces cloud-based training solution iLearn
    How OSM's focus on People&Technology impacts our sustainable growth.
  • An ocean of opportunities
    Knowing which opportunities to go for can be essential for growing a company in a sustainable manner. Find out where OSM is directing their focus for growth with CCO Tommy Olofsen.
    Great teams produce great results: The power of team building.
    Top team performance is more easily obtained when everyone’s on board and ready to pull in the same direction.
  • Shipping 4.0 at OSM: Smarter, faster, better
    What is the best way to digitalize ship management operations? Smart data analytics is at the core of the solution.
    Leading the way for Sustainable Change
    OSM formalizes focus on sustainability by joining the United Nations Global Compact
  • Sustainable growth - the key to long term profitability
    Learn more about why we are focusing on sustainable growth.
    OSM ONBoard Magazine Now Available Online
    In this special report of OnBoard we focus on the concepts that will help drive OSMs long term future. Follow OSM’s success strategies for long term growth in this edition focused on Sustainable Growth.
  • OSM launches mental health campaign to safeguard 11,000 seafarers
    Learn more about OSMs new Mental Health Campaign targeted towards supporting Seafarer Wellbeing
    OSM names their Seafarer App with sights set on future potential

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