OSM At a Glance


Since, 1989 OSM has provided support at sea. With 11,000 employees, a fleet of roughly 500 vessels and operations all over the world, we are the global market leader for third party management within the Offshore and Maritime Industry's.

Our solutions provide one point of contact and act as a one-stop shop for Ship Management, Crew Management, Offshore Management, and New Building Management.


OSM Maritime Group brings over two decades of experience in the Maritime Industry, approximately 11,000 employees, 30 office locations, 500 vessels under management, and a 90% retention to the table.


With a global footprint combined with local content, OSM Maritime Group offers flexibility and opportunity for clients to expand their presence in new regions and the peace of mind that comes with: efficient and transparent management systems that keep them informed at all times, over 50 nationalities, EBN and Flag expertise capabilities to assure regulation compliance, reduced overhead expense and back office support to allow them to focus on their growth.


At OSM Maritime Group, there are no big or small realizations. Each contract awarded is taken as a proof of confidence from our customer.


We treat every contract as a new challenge that we must succeed while respecting the budget and the scheduled delivery date without ever neglecting our high standards of quality service.



What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to each and every contract we take on and our ability to make these contracts successful through our breadth of services and capabilities.