OSM It's all about People

As a leading provider of management services to the Maritime Industry, we work face-to-face with our customers every day to ensure their success. To accomplish this we know how important it is that our staff are full qualified to satisfy our customer needs.


The reason we deliver outstanding services is first and foremost down to our people. Both onshore and offshore, OSM has always been driven by a strong team spirit, and a united drive to deliver superior performance.


At OSM, we care about employees and it shows in their performance. 




With more than 11,000 employees representing a broad variety of nationalities operating across the globe, one of our top priorities is to ensure that our teams work seamlessly together.

We know that an atmosphere of respect and cooperation is essential in the daily interactions between our offshore staff and our customers, just as it is between our office staff and business associates around the world. 




When it comes to safety, at OSM we are constantly striving to improve our safety standards. We believe that the crew aboard the vessels in which we operate should embrace the power of individual responsibility. Our crew members are expected to do everything within their power to prevent incidents and accidents onboard their own vessel, and all employees have the obligation to stop colleagues taking unsafe actions. We ask all of our employees to share best practices with their colleagues so that all crews can learn from them, at the same time reinforcing our safety mindset and improving the quality we provide our customers.