Aside from the standard services featured on our Crew Management Services page, OSM Congo offers the following value added services:


I. Visa Services


II. Local Content (Cabotage)


  • Assisting customer on arrival country
  • Negotiating level of local content with local authorities
  • Delivering local content crew incl. payroll, recruitment, crew management
  • Negotiate Local health insurance locally in the country
  • Meeting and assisting the Maritime administration and other officials in the country to ensure cooperation and smooth operation
  • Finding best financial solution to make the crew in compliance with STCW and MLC where the country is not on the IMO white list (or in some cases flag states list of approved training centres)

III. Crew Management


  • HSE
  • Retention & Career Progression


IV. Travel & Logistics


  • Flight Arrangements
  • Review & Processing of Crew Expenses