The first and most important thing we do is to take the time to understand your manning requirements in order to make sure that we provide the service that you need. We then tailor our comprehensive range of services to meet your precise requirements.  

Our Crew Management Service focus on all aspects of recruitment, its planning, engagement, development and retention. Our workforce encompasses experienced crew co-ordinators and superintendents as well as HR, finance, payroll, training and marketing professionals.

Our global operations and dedicated management support staff are stationed strategically throughout the world enabling perfectly tailred solutions for your needs.​ 


OSM Crew Management have developed one of the industry’s largest crew supply networks, giving us unrivalled loyalty amongst our seafarers, many of which have been with us since cadetship.

The crewing organisation has played a major role in the overall success of OSM Maritime Group, but changes in technology, systems as well as industry and client requirements means the business unit is continually evolving and fine tuning its operations.

In an effort to ensure we stay on top of these changing regulations, OSM Crew Management is continuously improving internal training efforts with a focus on the following core elements: experience, qualifications, competence and continuity.


OSM Crew Management manages its marine assets by focusing on quality and building up highly competent, motivated and loyal seagoing staff to man its ships. OSM has experienced a 90% retention rates the past five years. This has been achieved through having proper recruitment, remuneration, continual training and performance appraisal systems in place. 

We ensure that our crew are highly qualified and experienced, so we can fully contribute to your success.