OSM New Build Management has invested significant capital into this area of the business to ensure we are aligning our assets with our customer's needs.

The evolution of our fleet has allowed OSM Maritime Group to increase our market share and align ourselves with our customers' growing demand to operate in deeper waters. While our fleet continues to change, our culture of safe and efficient operations will remain the same.




OSM New Build Management, provides a full range of ship design and construction services, giving customers the option of leveraging our expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of design and construction, or for select services at any point in the process. Whether you choose to bring us in early in the concept and vessel design phases or need to consult our expertise about one specific phase, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality advice that maximizes value.


Our exceptional team of naval architects, marine engineers and specialists are involved in a wide variety of projects, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience unsurpassed in the marine industry.

Vessel Construction Services