Over the years OSM Maritime Group  has built a solid and reliable relationship with our customers, which includes both small and large companies within the maritime, offshore and technical sector.  

By carefully matching the proper highly qualified personnel with the correct job openings - from Master to Messman or Mechanic to Chief Engineer and from Welder to Construction Supervisor - we assure that both our customers and employees will be more than satisfied with our services.



OSM Crew Management recruits and employs maritime crew for a wide range of vessel types such as drilling, tankers, LNG, offshore support vessels, bulk carriers, containers, car carriers and more. Our services focus on short & long term temporary positions, to fill the gap, as well on full crew management options where OSM can assist you in finding the optimum in qualified, cost effective crew management for the vessels.


OSM will provide you with a selection of currently available and specifically selected candidates that meet your needs. Our database of international employees, through our international network of owned offices and recruitment agents, consist of personnel from different skill levels and various nationalities. By having a large selection of personnel available, we are able to select candidates based on the knowledge level and cost level you designate.




OSM provides manning services to a number of conventional ship owners. These includes Bulk Carriers, Car Carriers, Container vessels, Tankers and support vessels.

OSM focuses on the recruitment and supply of quality manpower for the operations and technical departments for the conventional vessels in which our staff works onboard.

At OSM, we offer our conventional vessel customers an assurance that the manpower being supplied are qualified, competent, and disciplined crewmembers and adhere to strict code of practices of passenger service, safety and comfort, not to mention the safety of cargo, environment of the ship itself and the invaluable human life.




OSM Crew Management supplies technical personnel for various types of production platforms, (drilling) rigs and barges to clients who are active in the Oil & Gas and Offshore industries.


A careful selection of highly qualified personnel, which include positions like process operator, mechanic, E/I technician, electrician, welder etc. assures the satisfaction of our clients and the trustworthiness of our employees.


OSM Crew Management handles all HR related issues, such as recruitment and selection, assessments, contracts and insurance, travel, payrolling as well as training and development. This allows our clients to focus on their core business practices.




OSM Crew Management supplies groups of international construction crews. Positions like riggers, welders (pipeline, structural, 6GR), fitters as well as higher construction positions and catering crews are available. We recruit and employ nationalities from Europe and USA and from Asian countries such as Philippines. For projects in the Gulf of Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries we have Mexican construction crew available.


All our crew is certified. We work together with training centers around the world to offer training and personal development programs to meet our customer's requirements and standards.




OSM Crew Management offers Vessel Hospialilty and Catering Services for the Maritime Industry.  Recruiting and internally training top performing candidates for offshore platforms, barges, cruise vessels etc. We have vast experience on platform and barges on the North Sea and in full catering and hotel services for small passenger vessels. To learn more about our Offshore Catering Services please click here.