Through a highly recognized global network OSM is able to offer integrated solutions which significantly improves our customer's operational efficiency. 


In Brazil, OSM is licensed as Brazilian Shipping Company (EBN) to operate Offshore Support vessels.  The EBN license is a strong commitment from OSM to supply fully integrated solutions.





Over the past few years OSM has put a strong focus on supporting the Brazilian shipping industry by ensuring the highest operational standards. Today, OSM is ranked among the top 5 best companies by Petrobras on the Operational Excellence Program (PEOTRAM).

With our EBN license we are able to provide the following for our customers looking to expand in the Brazilian market.


Scope of Work

The launch of our EBN certification provides us with the following responsibilities:

  • Vessel operations towards Brazilian Authorities
  • Responsible for foreign crew members while on Brazilian territory
  • Liability with Customs up to 5 years after termination of contract
  • Environmental damages or accidents
  • Responsible for visa processes and training
  • Responsible for vessel operations towards Petrobras 
  • Responsible for Labour liabilities for Brazilian crew