Many oil and gas producing states are introducing requirements for ‘local content’ into their regulatory frameworks. These requirements aim to create jobs, promote enterprise development and accelerate the transfer of skills and technologies. 


'Local content' refers to the added value brought to a host nation (or region or locality) through: workforce development and local community content.  OSM Maritime Group has worked to develop our local content strategy in an effort to invest in local economic growth and promote the sustainable development of the communities we work. 


For our customers, our local content strategy can assist them in meeting regulatory requirements and protect their commercial investments.  


Many companies face a range of different regulatory environments and can experience limitations on the growth of their business as a result.  OSM can assist in these situations with their already developed local content strategy and in turn save customers a lot of the costs of doing business in these content limited areas. 

Workforce Development

Employing local staff has become an increasingly important objective for many oil and gas companies as a result of local content regulations.  


In an effort to assist these companies, OSM has established high competency systems to ensure that local employees can perform effectively and safely in complex environments.  


OSM have invested significantly in an effective local content programme that features training and skills development to help local populations achieve the minimum standards required by our customers.