Emergency Response
The scale and spread of OSM's operations means we must prepare for a range of business disruptions and emergency events.

Natural events such as earthquakes or extreme weather, as well as political conflicts, health alerts and civil unrest can affect production, travel, our information systems, and our supply chain. Crisis and continuity management planning is essential to respond effectively to emergencies and to avoid a potentially severe disruption in our operations.



In  the event of an incident we have clearly defined accountabilities for the executive team, the business and the affected operation. Our protocols are designed to enable the appropriate information to get to the right people, at the right time to support effective decision-making.  

We have a global network of employees that can assist during an emergency, wherever it occurs. The team can provide, if needed, extra personnel, equipment or supplies to support the local response. This gives all our projects and operations access to a similar response capability, regardless of their size.


We have created this section on our webpage to post breaking news information along with the corresponding actions we must take.