A View From the Top with Geir Sekkesaeter
You're not going to want to miss this! Read on to hear words from our CEO.

You have completed your first full year as CEO (2014), how do you feel it went and what highlights would you like to share with the OnBoard readers?  

In 2014, we delivered significant growth across all operational units.  Despite the company's focus on implementing a number of significant changes, including new team member, positions, and systems, OSM was able to come out on top with the success of several prominent contract wins.  Our ability to rise above the struggles that so often coincide with operational change is clear from 2014’s implementation of our new operational platform.  We were able to introduce the appropriate organizational systems that will enable us to meet our goal of becoming the biggest and best provider of maritime services in the industry.   

We do not own any steel, nor real-estate. No, our asset is our skilled, dedicated, passionate PEOPLE who work on-board and in the office.  I am appreciative of our staff for making 2014 such a memorable year and I am proud of being the captain of this world class team!



How would you describe the current culture in OSM Maritime Group, and what changes do you see being required going forward if we are to meet our goals?

OSM was founded on hard work and enthusiasm for the business.  It is clear that this culture is still very prevalent in today’s operations, however, in order to continue this with our growth levels we will need to marry this culture with better systems and well defined processes. 



Does OSM Maritime Group have any GREEN projects ongoing that you could share, that you feel make a difference.

We believe that the best way for OSM to achieve sustainable success is by acting in the long-term interests of our shareholders, our partners and society and so we are always on the look out for implementing ‘Green’ initiatives where and when we can.  Currently we are working towards optimizing fuel consumption for our ships and we are also involved in the renewable energy sector in the North Sea. 


How would you describe the OSM Maritime Group Strategy for 2015 onwards, and are there any specific focus areas that you have set for the three business units?

Shipping is a very dynamic industry which is the thing that makes it so exciting, but also demanding.  We have seen significant changes in the world economy over the last six months with the price of oil dipping into the low 60’s. We have also seen steady Political reactions to Russian activities in the Ukraine; all of which have had an effect on ours and our customers business.

This is in my view what makes shipping so interesting! It is all interconnected with the macro economy and global political decisions. OSM is a supplier of critical services to the maritime industry and for us to be successful we need to be able to understand and react to these changes and capture the business opportunities! Our aim for the future is to be able to tap into the opportunities that will arise as a result of changes in the world. We want to be the first choice for high quality and cost effective marine and offshore services. We intend to be a large provider in all shipping segments for crewing, ship and offshore management as well as provide other services that can add value to our customers.


In the current market, do you see any positive growth areas for OSM Maritime Group to exploit?

Typically, our industry enjoys new opportunities when our customers are looking to increase capacity as a result of their own growth.  We also see new opportunities when our customers are concerned about cost-efficiency as a result of a market low.  This is all interlinked with the world economy  and the supply and demand for goods and raw materials. We have seen a downwards shift in the oil price that has resulted in pressure for cost reductions within the offshore industry and a higher demand for oil tankers; both of these instances will result in an increased demand for our services. In addition to this potential for growth we are also looking to develop a number standalone services to meet the demands for competence and value adding services.  


If you could sum up the OSM Maritime Group primary objective for 2015 in less than ten words, what would that be?

Continue to grow and complete the ongoing work on our operational platforms and organizational development.


As the CEO, it is quite common for the employees not to be able to see the person behind the title. We all have different personal motivators, so for you personally what is it that motivates you to get up in the morning and look forward to the working day?

Making a difference. I really enjoy seeing people in the organization develop and being successful at what they do. I’m also very driven by the concept of a ‘job well done’.  I want to provide the best for our customers and gaining positive feedback from them goes a long way in my books.