Chatting with Managing Director of Crew Management
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Now that you've finished your first full year with OSM, how do you feel it's been?

It’s been a good year, and also a year of full of changes and hard work. I realized quite early that I had joined an organization with a great legacy within Marine Crew Management, and that our Arendal Office has to a large extent defined crew management in the Offshore industry.  

Our Offshore Crew Management competencies are evident and are essentially the core of our business.  We are lucky to have some of the best crew management people in our industry, within the last year, I have had the luxury of meeting a lot of our seafarers, and I am continuously reminded of the high quality of our sea staff; on both our offshore and conventional fleets. 

Despite our ability to provide top notch services, in order for future growth to occur, it is essential that we have a sustainable platform cemented in place to provide increased career opportunities for all our people in OSM, both onboard and ashore.  As such, we have been working towards developing such a platform.  OSM’s shore organization and competencies within it, have been a major focus of mine in the last 12 months. Many changes have been made to ensure that we have the right people and systems in place in order to ensure we can deliver a quality crew management service while at the same enabling growth.

Specially our Cyprus and Manila organizations have experienced some major changes, with new management having been introduced, new functions and added responsibilities. In Cyprus we have a fully-fledged Head Office for Crew Management with key functions such as Finance, Legal, HSEQ, Conventional Fleet, Recruitment and myself. Our Manila operations have undergone several significant changes including the changes made to local leadership structure and our recruitment division. 

I am happy that I have a great team around me in the Crew Management Leadership Team (CMLT), and I am confident that going forward we will see that we are taking steps to deliver on our strateg

How would you describe OSM Crew Management's culture?

What I like about the culture in Crew Management is that every-one considers the seafarers our most precious asset. I am honoured and pleased to see how every single shore employee always consider our seafarers and how we can support them better and develop their competencies. Aside from this, whether we talk ship or shore, all the OSM employees I meet are really proud of being part of the OSM family.


What I believe is required going forward is to introduce a stronger performance management culture, one where we are all clear on direction, goals and measurements. In this we can continuously look to improve our performance and do so based on objective data rather than on perceptions. This is also why we have introduced a four year strategy plan – 2015 to 2018 – and broken this down into key objectives / initiatives in our Annual Operations Plan (AOP 2015).

How would you describe the strategy for moving forward?

Within OSM Maritime Group we have established overall strategic goals for the period 2015 to 2018. OSM Crew Management has, as a part of this, detailed specific focus areas and goals for each year in this period. In our Annual Operating Plan (AOP) for Crew Management we have more than 100 initiatives and more than 1,000 tasks that we need to complete. I am pleased that by end Q1, almost 25% of all tasks were already successfully completed. 

For 2015 specifically, the main focus for Crew Management is to improve our operations and systems. Especially within our Finance and Quality areas, we see great potential for improving our operational platform; specifically our E-Crew system, that we use to manage and control all of our crew operations. Our target is to finalise the full E-Crew project by early 2016. Further to OSM Crew Managements primary strategy, we as a whole are committed to improving our competence in crew management.

 The majority of the growth experienced in Crew Management in the last 12 months, is a direct result of the additional vessels and units that OSM Maritime Group’s companies have won for Technical Management.  Notably, OSM Ship Management has seen an impressive growth rate and it is therefore imperative that OSM Crew Management does all it can to support Ship Management. We have plans and initiatives in place that focus on how we can improve on the way we work together with Ship Management, and I am seeing good progress on this. We now have dedicated OSM Crew Management personnel in all our Ship Management offices, dedicated at delivering crew solutions creating value for OSM Maritime Group.

 How do you feel things have been progressing in 2015?

2015 has experienced a positive start with the addition of 30 new vessels and an increase in the number of positions we have on board to 5,000.  

However, challenges still exist.  The majority of our customers are operating in the offshore market, and this market is significantly affected by the reduced CAPEX activities caused by Oil Majors and large scale Drilling companies. Many new vessels have been ordered and a lot of these are already at sea, meeting tough market conditions and significant pressure on earnings. We also experience this pressure as our customers are seeking immediate cost savings and some have also decided to lay up vessels while awaiting a more positive market.

2015 FOCUS: Supporting our customers by identifying cost effective solutions to reduce costs of operations. 2015 will be a year where opportunities exist to enter new markets and also develop stronger alliances with our existing customers.