Congratulations to the Ekfors
We would like to congratulate the Oil Product Tanker, Ekfors, for achieving 9 years of LTI free days!

We would like to congratulate the Oil Product Tanker, Ekfors, for achieving 9 years of LTI free days!


LTI stands for Lost Time Injury, which is any injury that prevents any person, staff or contractor, reporting to work on the next shift or next day. Within the Maritime Industry this figure is commendable and again proves the importance of modern safety practices within the maritime industry.  OSM are dedicated to maintaining high safety standards and work daily towards this achievement.  We aim to utilize the right equipment with our top notch fleet combined with safe behavior and a positive attitude towards safety from all our employees.


We are thankful for our crew’s careful attention to safety practices, and are proud of this major milestone for the Ekfors team.  


At OSM we empower everybody who works on site to ensure that while an LTI-free day must be the norm, it is a journey, not a target, and that every day requires the same dedication.