First Ever OSM Hackathon: OSM Innovation
OSM hosts first ever Hackathon sharing our in house technical capabilities.

OSM's IT Team in the Phillipines recently launched their first hackathon* event, which aimed to showcase in-house talents in building applications with the use of the latest and upcoming technologies. This year’s event was entitled #OSMBuild and encouraged its 25 participants to develop and create applications using specific tools and frameworks.


The one-day event was split into two categories: one for developers using Microsoft cognitive services and bot framework, and one for non-developers using Microsoft powerapps and flow.

Windel Marquez, winner of the hackathon developers’s category, is clear on that OSM should continue with events like this:


“There were many great ideas and having "how can OSM benefit from these ideas" in mind, makes OSM its primary benefactor, so it’s a win win situation,” says Windel Marquez, winner of the hackathon developers’s category.


“It's a great opportunity for the employees to showcase their ideas and creativity while having fun”, agrees winner of the non developers category Raynold Dela Cruz.


Mico Alcanse, Assistant Systems Development Manager in OSM Philippines, explains that each hackathon participant was allowed only one entry to showcase their skills. Entry's were judged based on their creativity, quality, and "wow factor" - a criterion that judged entries according to how unique and ambitious they were.”


A total of around 15 developers and 10 non-developers participated in the event. Under the developer category, Jayward Tamares won second runner up for his mobile application with voice recognition feature. Ernan Colindres came in at first runner up, with his Bot that handles seafarer profile management with document recognition. Windel Marquez was adjudged Champion for the developers, garnering highest points for a Bot that uses facial authentication and also features document recognition.


For the non-developer category, Milan Francisco came in as second runner up for his Monthly Expenses Tracking and Reporting System. First runner up is Reginald Dequilla with his Employee Onboarding and Access Management System. Raynold Dela Cruz was hailed as champion for this category for his Medical Reimbursement System.


Apart from the honor of being named winners of the codefest, participants also vied for awesome prizes, including Powerbanks for third place winnners, Android TV Boxes for second place, and a brand-new 1TB X Box One for each of the category champions. Each winner also received a jacket courtesy of Microsoft.



The Hackathon price winners (f.l.): Milan Francisco, Jayward Tamares, Ernan Colindres, Raynold Dela Cruz (champion, non-developers category), Reginald Dequilla and Windel Marquez (champion, developers category).


The panel of judges was composed of the 2017 OSM Hackathon committee themselves: Ivar Sønstabø,  Pocholo Lacson, Mico Alcanse, and Charisse Bognot.


*A hackathon can be described as an event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.