Giving Back to our Communities - Manila
Learn more about OSM's Social Initiatives in Manila.

Watching the grateful smiles and appreciation of the children whenever OSM organizes a social action project for the communities of indigent people is more than enough reward to the volunteers and the company.

OSM desires to empower and give back to the community in an effort to contribute to local growth and success.  OSM's volunteers from Manila went the ‘extra mile’ to meet these children and encourage them to go to school and invest for their future.

OSM volunteers ventured through mountain roads off Antipolo City to reach Sitio San Ysiro, an isolated village located on the northeastern part of Rizal Province. Upon the arrival of the 4x4 jeep the team rented bound for the village, the children went out from their little nipa houses and followed the volunteers to join the activities on that Thursday morning of April. Some local teachers from the community also assisted the OSM team to assemble the children during the conduct of fun games and the distribution of schoolbags.

According to the teachers and parents, the educational assistance provided by OSM means so much to the families of these children by lessening their financial expenses intended for education and as well to stir interest among these students to go to school come June.

In this isolated village, some of the children do participate in livelihood activities in farms to help their family earn a living. The literacy rate remains alarming which is very much felt since many of the people here could hardly read or write. But with this motivation from OSM, the team is hopeful that somehow the parents would be more enthusiastic to send their children to school and ultimately the community would feel the significant impact of education to their lives when these children start taking further venture towards their dreams, which among these is basically to liberate their family from the grip of poverty.

Sitio San Ysiro is only among the communities being assisted by OSM. The company is set to aid more communities in the future. Truly, it’s all about people.