Leaders' Summit 16' OSM Philippines
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“Are you a player or a victim?”  This was the culminating question hurled by Mailyn Borillo (President – OSM Philippines) to the participants of this year’s OSM Philippines Leaders’ Summit. 

In a business that is continuously evolving and a lot of companies are doing their best to stay afloat, she called on for leaders to rise up and take on the challenge of always being the player and never the victim.

This year’s two-day summit was attended by 60 leaders from supervisory to managerial level, including head of the departments, as well as 10 recognized influencers and high potential individual contributors of the OSM Philippine organization. 

It was filled with interesting sessions and topics bannered by the leadership theme entitled: Leadership in Tough Times.         


Day One served to be instrumental in laying down the pace for the entire summit.  Right after a short exhortation and welcome from Mailyn Borillo, Adrien Luntao (General Manager – Global Training) discussed the current market state of OSM Philippines and the maritime industry in general.  This was immediately followed by a session on Leading at the Speed of Trust.  Teresa Mendoza (Master Facilitator – Center for Leadership and Change, Inc.) reiterated that when an organization is experiencing more challenges, trust is much more needed.  She emphasized on the importance of having both character and competence in leading a team.    



The afternoon session of Day One was equally interesting.  Menardo Bordeos (Management and Business Consultant/Master Facilitator – First Pacific Leadership Academy) discussed how an organization could effectively deliver high performance in a global environment.  He was followed by Jorge Chang (Senior Finance Manager – OSM Ship Management) who presented a talk about how leaders could understand profit and cash flow, and the influence they have on it.  It was really a fresh take on how to conduct a presentation.  What he did was to divide the participants into several groups, turn it into a Q&A activity and then, supplementing it with easy-to-understand finance concepts. 

To cap off the night, the participants were treated to a very nice buffet dinner, fun teambuilding games and a pyjama party.   




Day Two proved to be a notch higher when the combined forces of OSM senior managers took centerstage.  Cristina Amoyo (HR Manager) discussed how important core values are.  This part of the summit reinforced the application of OSM Group’s core values in our daily operations.  A breakout session followed wherein Jay Babera (Fleet Manager – Crewing Offshore), Jorge Chang and Adrien Luntao shared their leadership journey and best practices relating to OSM’s leadership values.  During this session, the participants were again divided into groups and were encouraged to interact about the OSM leadership values: Player, One OSM and Winning.     

Conscious Leadership was the last topic discussed during the summit.  Mailyn Borillo asked the OSM leaders if they are willing to challenge mediocrity head-on.  She narrated how our conscious decisions and actions as leaders affect the organization.  Ms. Borillo also showed a video wherein the author of Conscious Business, Fred Kofman, tackled how to build value through values.  This will serve as a reminder for leaders to live their lives on a perspective of a player.  That if something affects you, that is your problem.  That anything that happens to your life, is your responsibility.  You cannot point your finger and blame others anymore.  Be a warrior – where everything is a challenge, not a blessing nor a curse. The ‘red pill’ is a symbol that you are the captain of your life.  And as leaders, you are sailing a vessel with everyone in your team onboard.  The video elicited much gusto that ‘red pills’ will permanently grace all the meeting rooms in OSM Philippines buildings. 

The summit ended with leaders filling a commitment form and then a stress management exercise to relax the participants.