Learn About our Arctic Experience
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Worldwide operators, OSM, have worked continuously in the Arctic for over 30 years.  Leveraging OSM’s experience across the Arctic has enhanced the company’s service capabilities, and the knowledge base of its on-board and shore-based personnel.     


OSM has cemented its Arctic expertise through the operational and technical management of a variety of different Tanker Vessels operating in some of the world’s harshest environments.  Developing OSM’s Arctic experience has enabled the company to offer an increased variety of services for vessels transiting through the Northern Sea Route.  Areas across the Arctic where OSM has developed the majority of their experience includes the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, and Arctic Russia.


Examples of OSM’s skill and proficiency in the Arctic:


  • Technical Management of Ice-Classed tanker

  • Technical Management of Azimuth Ice-Classed Escort/Harbour Tugs

  • Operations in the Baltic Sea Ice Conditions, NSR & Greenland with ABB Azipod drives

  • Year Round & Summer Trading to the Coast of Greenland with the M/T Neste

  •  Trading in Russia with the M/T Uikki



M/T Uikku loading Gas Condensate at Sabetta “Offshore terminal” in 1995


  • Transit Voyages with Panamax Product Tankers

  • Operational and Technical management of Azimuthing Propulsions on Tankers & Tug Boats


Ari Dufelin, Managing Director of OSM Finland, comments “Shipping in the Arctic waters is different than conventional shipping - assumptions that are often made do not necessarily hold true when millions of tons of ice stand between your ship and the load port you need get to.  But with OSM you’ve got the right people with the right skills on your side to see the job through.”  In these icy instances, OSM works diligently to analyze and manage the associated with Arctic projects.  Using a multidisciplinary approach OSM works with customers to understand these risks, costs and challenges associated with shipping in ice in order to see a successful end result.