Marine Trader speaks with IMPA Advocate Jason Barreto
Why join a company like OSM? "The culture is positive and the people are great."

Jason Barreto interviewed by Leading Association for Marine Purchasing and Supply Professionals IMPA.  Jason is arguably best known to IMPA Members for his role with G Travel. For 5 years he hosted the G Travel bar at IMPA London and worked tirelessly to build the company’s business and reputation in the UK, having joined when it began in 2010.


After leaving G Travel in March 2017, and via a brief  stint at V Ships, Jason is now taking on a new challenge at OSM Maritime Group as Head of Sales for the Crew Management Division. It’s a new path for Jason, but one he’s happy to tread.  “It's a complete career change, nothing to do with travel at all,” Jason told MT. “It’s a huge learning curve for me, learning about shipping and the technical terminology  and the way ships work. It’s a completely different  business from what I’m used to.”


“What Tommy Olofsen, OSM Managing Director, wanted was someone with pure sales and marketing knowledge and with global business experience. What I have to do is apply that knowledge and experience to this industry.”


“OSM is an innovative business. The company has recruited a lot of people from different industries and  it is working very well for them. They’re transforming  their business.”


As one of the leading service providers to the offshore and maritime industry, OSM has over two decades of experience. It employs approximately 11,000 staff over  30 locations, has 500 vessels under its management, and boasts a 90% retention rate. It prides itself on its people, which Jason says is self-evident. “It was an easy decision for me to say I’ll join. The culture is positive and the people are great. No matter who you speak to, everyone wants to do their job well and move the company forward. There’s a real culture of positivity.”


“The company maintain its motto – ‘It’s all about people’ – which it has done since it began in 1989. They have that focus and the people are great. It’s a good  place to be.” “I’m really relishing the challenge.”