Ninth International Limassol Marathon
The Ninth international Limassol Marathon was held in Limassol of Cyprus on 29th March. The marathon started from the centre of the city along the beach front.

The event takes place every year in the early spring and aims to support the Olympic and athletic spirit for a healthy mind and a healthy body. It is a race for people of all ages starting from 6 years old with the oldest participant reaching the age of 80.


Limassol Marathon is not just a race but an experience with champion’s values such as friendship and the power of human spirit. It plays host to an array of international athletes from across the globe with participants arriving from over 50 countries, including Brazil, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, USA and a number of European nations.


The Event was a 42km Marathon and it was also divided in five additional races - the Half-Marathon, the 10-kilometre Health Race, the 5-kilometre City Race, the PrimeTel 5-kilometre Corporate Race, and the McDonald’s 1-kilometre Kids Race.


Our OSM Team in Cyprus joined the event with enthusiasm, pleasure and of course full of power!


We participated on the 5km Corporate Race which has been successfully completed from every person of our team.


OSM team RUN WITH A SMILE with another 10.000 people!!!