OSM Brasil Connecting with our Global Operations
Learn more about OSM Brasil's focus on inter-company connections!

As OSM increases its precense around the world the company is looking to create an infrastructure attuned to the different markets in which it operates while building a global culture of shared values and human resources capabilities that can support the company’s business operations worldwide.

Whatever direction global growth takes, companies face common challenges, all related to how their people—who ultimately execute their business strategy, innovate and serve customers.  Among those seeking to operate within these parameters is OSM Maritime Group. 

Critical to OSM’s global success is the company’s ability to stabilize the labor force, increase productivity, and structure an organization so that credible and competent leadership is placed in the right locations, fashioning a culture that is consistent but also accommodates local differences.

Executing a global business strategy requires having the right people and processes in place.  Different kinds of organizational and governance structures are required to operate as a global company rather than just a company that happens to have a lot of different locations around the world.  Due to the size and spread of OSM, working towards these goals means connecting the global office locations.

OSM Brasil has shown a steady commitment to this strategy over the past year.  A recent example of these efforts is OSM’s 8th Annual Brasil Seminar held in Rio de Janeiro.  The event welcomes members from across OSM’s global operations providing an opportunity to discuss and understand operations in the area.  The ultimate goal being to promote integration among seafarers, ship-owners and OSM’s office staff.  The highlight of this year’s event was the social media training which initiated OSM Brasil’s campaign to increase their online presence through LinkedIn.      

Another example of connecting our global office operations is OSM’s Crewing Coordinator, Cathrine Haugen recent visit to OSM Brazil (Rio de Janeiro & Macaé).  The primary purpose of the visit was to exchange knowledge and narrow the relationship between OSM’s Rio operations with that of OSM’s native headquarters hence insuring consistent processes are in place. 

Catherine spent two weeks understanding the ins and outs of OSM Brazil’s training, clients invoicing processes, Brazilian laws to maritime personnel, cadet recruitment and pre-embark onboard activities. To ensure that OSM’s processes were aligned within both countries, Catherine communicated how things are done in Norway.  By doing so, OSM hopes to increase value through consistency and standardized operations while respecting local requirements.         

Further to Catherine’s visit, OSM’s Managing Director of Crew Management, Tommy Olofsen, also visited OSM Brasil’s office located in Rio de Janeiro this past May.  It was a valuable opportunity for both Tommy and local staff to exchange information about OSM Group and OSM’s Brazilian operations.  

An important part of Tommy’s visit to Brasil was his trip to see the AHTS, the Pacific Dove.  The Pacific Dove is operated by OSM Brasil as an EBN and was berthed at the Rio de Janeiro port.  Tommy was given the opportunity to experience a real EBN operation first hand, as well as how an OSV port call is made in Brasil.

Ultimately, the goal of all of all these interactions and connections is to create an internal business culture that connects company capabilities.  These initiatives enable OSM to ensure that the structures needed to seize local market opportunities anywhere in the world are in successfully implemented.