OSM Enhances Safety Reputation further with Remarkable LTI record for Haven

The accommodation jack-up rig Haven has completed seven years without a single lost-time incident! “It’s really all about the people”, comments Offshore Installation Manager Ketil Johansen.

Seven years, or 2,557 days, have passed since the start of the lost time incident (LTI) record on August 4th in 2010.  Day in and day out ever since, the crew working on Haven have shown the true colors of OSM’s zero accidents policy and provided a safe place to stay for thousands of offshore guests and visitors.

“Providing safe working environments is vital for OSM. This milestone highlights the extent of our commitment to safety, and the professionalism of our teams both onboard and ashore. Close and productive cooperation with the owner also played an important part in achieving this record,” says Rig Manager Asbjørn Njerve.

According to Njerve, the owner Master Marine and OSM have shared an unwavering attention to safety since OSM was granted the technical management of Haven in 2010. Operational excellence, hazard identification, and strong quality management have been top priorities throughout the management period.

“Haven has been operating continuously without any downtime or disconnection and we are proud to see the results of a steady focus on high quality safety performance. Seven years without an LTI is a remarkable achievement, in particular considering the variety of operations conducted over the last years, several rig moves included.”

Offshore Installation Manager Ketil Johansen joined the team in 2010 and is one of many members of the original crew that still works on Haven. He believes the consistently stable retention rate can be viewed as an important quality indicator.

“Due to the stability in crew composition, the teams know each other well and pull in the same direction. It’s really all about the people when it comes to a safe working environment. A shared safety culture, combined with people that genuinely care about each other and our guests onboard, have made this all possible,” says Johansen.

Gro Knutsen, HSEQ Advisor for Haven, explains that among the many factors that have contributed to the unimpaired LTI record there are a few factors that she considers to be of particular importance:

“Since the start in 2010 we have worked to establish a shared HSE culture that the teams onshore and onboard all adhere to. The working environment has been very good and the positions have been occupied by motivated and competent people,” says Knutsen, who also mentions the importance of a rock solid safety management system in order to ensure that all operations are carried out in a safe and efficient manner. As a firm believer in continuous improvement, Knutsen stresses the importance of vigilance and continued efforts. The experienced HSEQ Advisor is not someone that is likely to “rest on one’s laurels”:

Our target is, and will always be, zero accidents or incidents”, Knutsen says.



Facts Haven:


The accommodation jack-up rig Haven was completed in 2011 and has been working as an accommodation unit or “offshore hotel” for operators on the Norwegian continental shelf (2011-2015) and the Danish continental shelf (2015-2016).

Haven is currently at yard in Norway, undergoing necessary preparations and adjustments for the unit’s next project for Statoil at the Johan Sverdrup field.

Haven flies the flag of Cyprus and is owned by Master Marine. The unit can accommodate up to 477 people.



HSEQ Advisor Gro Knutsen and OIM Ketil Johansen agree that the shared HSE culture between the teams ashore and onboard is key for Haven’s impeccable LTI record. 


Many of the people that work on Haven today have been part of the crew since OSM was granted the management. From left: Bjørn Brede Baklid, Able Body Seaman, Steinar Nøkleby, Electrician, Gunnar Hammerstrøm, Crane Operator, Bjørnar Bang, Able Body Seaman, Bjørn Fiskum, Fitter, Ketil Johansen, OIM.