OSM Finland Escort Towing with Maritime Academy, Aboa Mare
Learn more about OSM Finlands Escort Training

This past March, OSM Finland in conjunction with maritime academy, Aboa Mare, held their first Escort Towing training course.


Welcoming students from around the globe, Aboa Mare provided top of the line simulator and class room facilities combined with the course contents and training subjects that were designed by OSM Towage Manager, Captain Jani Huumonen.


Five local Pilots, five OSM high ranking (Captain or Chief Mate) employees and three tug masters participated in the training.  The top training subject was learning how to handle a situation when escorted vessels lose their propulsion or steering. Following this theoretical learning, students could partake in ten different live simulations.  Each simulation is accompanied with its own set of technical challenges, as well as environmental conditions add realism to the exercises.  The exercises were designed to teach the ability to adapt a normal sailing situation into narrow fairways, to oil terminals, whilst experiencing multiple faulty conditions to the escorted vessel.  “In this type of setting, people are unafraid and confident to try new things.  It’s play that ultimately helps us do serious things better” says OSM Finland Managing Director, Ari Dufvelin on building confidence through experience.   


Course participants gave great feedback about their experience with Aboa Mare and OSMs training. 


We look forward to continuing to offer this type of training and hope to expand the co-operation with all involved in escort towing.