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In order to maintain a strong understanding of our seagoing staff members we believe it is essential to experience the lives of our crew onboard the vessels where they work. As such, we encourage onshore staff to perform vessel visits to engage with our seamen and to gain a better understanding of their work.


When McDermott’s OSV, the North Ocean 102, reached the Mexico Gulf this past week, OSM’s Houston team was eager to get out and visit the crew onboard.  Experienced seaman and Houston’s General Crewing Manager, Ivor Radman, brought with him two of Houston’s newest employees to visit the vessel and experience for their first time what it is like onboard a ship.


Commenting on his first time aboard is OSM’s Business Operations Manager, Jonathan Ramirez: “Visiting the vessel was an absolutely amazing experience.  The knowledge acquired by visiting the operations gave me a better insight into what it means to be a Seafarer.  I found myself reflecting on the amount of hard physical work involved on the ship, the mentality that our seafarers must have to stay focused on the mission, and the sacrifice of leaving their loved ones for potentially months at a time; I’ve got a great deal of admiration for our seafarers and their job.  This experience put me in mind of my time with the army where we had to work cohesively to accomplish a goal, always helping each other when needed, respecting one another, and the sense of doing your duty as a Soldier in my case and a Seafarer for them. I was so grateful to spend time with our co-workers onboard, it gave me a chance to interact on a more personal level and I was able to understand their personalities away from the normal business interactions. I believe this is great since it opens up the door to a better communication level in the workplace.”


Natalia Bautista, OSM Business Operations Intern, “In the Maritime Industry, it is quite common for there to be a disconnect between onshore and offshore staff.  That is why OSM places such an emphasis on the importance of visiting our vessels.  It enables those of us onshore to get a better understanding of what our seafarers do, while instilling a sense of appreciation for all of their hard work.”  


About the NO102

Fast-transit, dynamically positioned (DP2) vessel with a vertical lay system for flexible product across a wide variety of water depths.