OSM New Building Announce Launch of new Vessel
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Final preparations took place earlier this month for the official launch of OSMs latest vessel construction project through OSMs New Building Management Operations.  The M-300 4 Class Lift Boat has been undergoing construction in the Triyards Group facility located in Hoh Chi Minh City, Vietnam.   Sea trials will be performed at Vung tau where the owners will take final delivery.



The Lift Boat has been designed to achieve a full speed of approximately 6 knots and features a diesel electric propulsion system, comprised of four identical diesel generators for electrical power, and two electric motor driven azimuth propellers for primary propulsion.  The vessel features two electric motor driven bow thrusters that will augment the propellers in order to provide DP-2 maneuvering capability.




LOA (including Heli deck): 79.3 m

LBP: 62.32m

Beam (molded) Including Leg Pads: 40.2m

Depth to Main Deck: 4.6m

Design Draft: 3.0m

Crew/Passengers: 30/120

Legs: 4 nos 

Jacking Operation (water depth): 70m (229.7')

Elevation Capabilities: vessel can elevate at 4 to 6 feet per minute, and lower the legs at 14-18 feet per minute

Scheduled Delivery: Q2-2016



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