OSM Norway Office Inauguration
OSM celebrates Norway office grand re-opening in combination with overall growth.

A growing global fleet and an increase in number of crew positions coincides with the inauguration of OSM’s new headquarters in Norway. 


“I’ve passed by this building and admired its location for a decade now. I think that the development and expansion that OSM has experienced over the years is quite fantastic, said mayor Robert C. Nordli in connection with the official inauguration of the offices in Arendal last week.




OSM Norway’s employees moved back into the HQ building in Arendal this spring after a substantial property development and refurbishment. Customers, partners and clients congregated at OSM on June 22nd to participate in a seminar on decarbonization and digitalization in the maritime industry and to view the new and larger office premises. Nordli cut the blue ribbon and declared the building that houses one of the largest private employers in Arendal reopened. He also commented that despite some structural changes, the maritime industry in Arendal has managed to keep the wheels turning without many lay-offs:


“It seems also that the maritime industry to a great extent has succeeded in keeping the competence and the qualified personnel through a difficult period. That’s quite unique, Nordli said.


New record

Despite the industry turmoil OSM Maritime Group maintains a steady course forward after a good first half of 2017:


“Last month we set a new record for number of employees and vessels under management. We have a good and healthy pipeline for further growth for the rest of the year in all main segments,” says CEO Geir Sekkesaeter in OSM Maritime Group.


While in 2016 OSM saw an increased number of vessels laid-up with a reduction in the available offshore crew positions, 2017 has so far been a different story: OSM has added close to 30 new vessels to its managed fleet globally, the most recent ones being two shuttle tankers whose ownership and operation were awarded to AET by Statoil last week, and which OSM will manage.  During the same period more than 200 positions have been added - partly because laid up vessels have been entering back into operation and partly because new vessels have come into the fleet. In March 2017 OSM reached another milestone when the number of employees exceeded 11.000 for the first time in the company’s history.


Focus on excellence

Sekkesaeter recently stirred debate with his opinions on OSM’s competitors somehow monotonous focus on size and growth at “any cost”.  He believes that the extended cooperation with AET and Statoil can serve as an example on how OSM is able to meet customer’s needs:


“At OSM we believe in people working well together and keeping an intimate relationship with our customers and vessels. It is not our goal to be the biggest, but it is definitely our goal to be the best - for example by ensuring operational excellence. Long term relationships and contributing to our customers’ success is the aim and growth is the result of this focus.”