OSM and Africa@Nor-Shipping2017
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How are you contributing to better knowledge transfer in Africa? 

Africa@Nor-Shipping 2017 

The program for 2017 dubbed Africa@Nor-Shipping 2017 represents the very first time that Nor-Shipping featured a platform promoting mutually beneficial business opportunities between Africa and Europe in the maritime and ocean industries. Nor-Shipping dedicated an entire conference, the Africa pavilion, and a week-long social program to the Africa focus.

Africa@Nor-Shipping 2017 provided an ideal platform for exploring new opportunities and partnerships between Africa, Norway and the Nordics in the maritime industries, matching Norway's ocean industries expertise with the enormous growth potential and forward leaning business climate of Sub-Saharan Africa.  Throughout the week a wide range of topical issues were covered that not only represent key challenges and opportunities, but also highlight opportunities for improving sustainable business practices in the maritime and ocean industries on both continents.



The value-added business and networking platform welcomed OSMs own Director of OSM Africa, Tue Rossell to participate in the Better Knowledge Transfer discussion platform used to highlight the importance of local seafarer investment.  Commenting on the belief that the 21st century is being called Africa’s century, and that the development potential will require strong and sustainable partnerships with leading maritime clusters and actors from other continents, Tue touched on OSMs considerable support of the area having now four office locations strategically spread throughout the continent to support the expected growth.  



“Being in Norway is different than being in Africa. With knowledge transfer if we learn something in Norway we may have to apply it in a different way in Africa, and that’s a key understanding for OSM to do well in Africa.  They don’t have all the same tools as we do in Norway, so we must adapt and use the tools they know how to use.  So it’s about taking what we already ‘know’ and making it work in local context.” 


From Left to Right: OSM Africa Local Partner - Alex Haly, OSM Director of OSM Africa - Tue Rossell, OSM Board Member - Donald Anderson