OSM awarded for having the heart in the right place
OSM wins I-Remit Heart Overseas Filipino Workers Award at Asian CEO Awards

The I-Remit Heart award is given to those private and public corporations that implement specific programs that have a positive and significant impact on Filipino overseas foreign workers and their families.


OSM was one of six nominated companies in this category. According to Mailyn Borillo, Managing Director at OSM Philippines, the recognition was a welcome surprise: 




“When we received a notification that we were among the finalists for this category, we were so grateful but we didn’t expect to actually win!  Who would think that, especially when you are alongside industry giants such as PLDT and Magsaysay?” Mailyn says.


“I think OSM won this award because of our strong collaborative efforts to provide services that go the extra-mile to produce positive and significant effects for our OSM seafarers and their families”.


She explains that the award proves that OSM is not merely a company who gives employment opportunities. Mailyn wears her heart on her sleeve when talking about the efforts behind the recognition from Asian CEO Awards:


“We are a company who truly cares for our employees, seafarers and their families. In 2016, we strengthened and carefully planned an enhanced program for our seafarers and for the OSM Seafarers Family Club (OSM SFC).  We have conducted numerous seminars on a variety of important topics such as health, investing, leadership, family and personal development. Across all 10 chapters of the OSM SFC we saw an increase in quarterly engagement and have experienced a considerable increase in participation levels. It is really heartwarming that the improvements we have implemented are being noticed,” Mailyn says.


She hopes that the award can serve as motivation to keep up the good work and stresses that it is the good teamwork in OSM globally that make victories possible.


“I hope that this recognition will continue to inspire us individually and together as a global team. Our people believe in maintaining a mindset of making things better, and because of that this achievement was made possible.  Together, we can accomplish anything.”