OSM driving technology and innovation with new CTO
Discover more with OSM CTO Parvaneh Sarshar

Responsiveness to change will be important for OSM in order to find the best upcoming technological solutions in time. “Technologies are changing faster than ever” Parvaneh Sarshar

Parvaneh Sarshar started as CTO in OSM Maritime Group on May 1st. She says that she became aware of the fact that It’s all about people in OSM at first sight:  


“When you enter the office in Arendal, you see the nice pictures of all the local employees in the reception area and they are all smiling and welcoming you to the office. It gives you a great feeling,” she says.


“To me, the slogan is proof that we care about our employees and our customers. They are our top priority. It is the key to success for any company and I am very proud to be one of these people. This is the spirit that I love about OSM.”



Parvaneh will have a strong focus on both operation and innovation. Equally important as a strong ICT competence has been the ability to analyze business needs and drive value creation through utilization of available technology.  Further, Parvaneh will be working to develop and own the roadmap for OSM's technical platform to support the business, hereunder operate the company's business-critical technology and decide on the use of new technologies to further develop the business.



What are some short & long term goals in your new position?


I think the main reasons for having a CTO are; to establish strategic frameworks for technology adaptations, to guide teams with the adequate and latest technologies according to their business needs, and to ensure all departments are moving in the right direction according to the frameworks and toward the main goal which is having sustainable and integrated systems.


“For me, the short-term goals include getting to know the “as-is” situation and finding out about what we are doing in the best way and what can be improved. In a long-term, we do our best to be one of the pioneers in exploiting cutting-edge technologies in the maritime industry. I am sure we will be very busy with a lot of interesting value-adding projects in the pipeline for digitalization. My other long-term goal is to build the bridge between OSM and academia, ranging from local Universities up to international flagship R&D institutes across the world. There are many amazing opportunities out there that I strongly believe we can benefit from,” she says.


What are some of the most important technological challenges expected?


The main challenge that not only OSM but also any other companies in the world are facing and will continue to face, is keeping up with new technologies. For example, despite the maturity of the O&G industry, its adoption to “Data Science and Big Data” is just about 20%. Technologies are changing faster than ever and it is very important to be updated and knowledgeable about the latest technologies, more importantly to develop technological platforms that are not rigid, allowing for further evolvement and development. 


The system that you were using for the last 5 years and once everyone believed is the best, soon gets outdated and isn’t functional anymore, for instance, due to its scalability restrictions. It sounds scary but that is how it is and this requires us to be able to anticipate our business needs and find the best upcoming technological solutions in advance. This is not the job of only one person, it takes the entire company to support and help us through challenges, as each employee is a valuable source of experience and knowledge. I am always here to listen to new ideas.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role?


“I am very eager to get started collaborating with my colleagues, supporting them with their technological needs and them supporting me as well  I am looking forward to trying out innovative solutions together.  


I urge our team not to be scared of trying new solutions. Be open for good changes and I am sure you will have fun! It is an honor for me to be part of this family and I am looking forward to get onboard as soon as possible.”

We are looking forward to driving innovation ahead, welcoming Parvaneh as a key member of our team!