Recruitment & Selection near completion for FPSO Peregrino
FPSO Peregrino Project Updates

Crew management contract between OSM and Statoil for supplying more than 90 specialized offshore positions was entered into in 2016 and is now well into operation.  With a large percentage of crew having joined in early April of 2017, OSM is about ready to conclude its intense recruitment and selection process for the project.      


“After a long period of Recruitment & Selection, we can say that the hiring process is just about complete!  Our employees have been joining the unit steadily since April 10th. We are really excited to continue to work with this contract and further our good cooperation with Statoil. The next big milestone we are planning for will be on the 11th of June, when Statoil takes over Operation from BWO and will have full management on the FPSO Peregrino” says OSM Project Manager, Michel Dourado Da Silveira.


Looking forward to enabling results for Statoil’s FPSO, we eagerly wish our new team members onboard the best of luck!