Team Building in OSM Houston
Learn more here about our unique team building experience in OSM Houston!

Last week the OSM Houston team participated in a very unique team building experience.  While the team began their first major team building event with the usual “get to know each other” discussions and luncheon, the group of employees had the opportunity to participate in a very challenging program titled, “Stuck in a room with a Zombie”.


The nationwide program sets your team up in an old rustic room in which you and your team have to escape.  Given only an hour, the team is faced with the fate of being eaten by a hungry zombie, played by a very compelling actor! To escape the room, teams must solve extremely challenging puzzles and scripts that are written to be difficult but highly possible to achieve when all members of a team work together and demonstrate group spirit!


Initially when the idea was proposed, everyone seemed a little skeptical – concerned that the concept of being stuck in a room with an actor playing a zombie would come across more foolish then effective. However, following on from participating in the event, the entire group raved about the impact it had. 


The experience was all together hilarious, challenging, and extremely memorable.  This experience gave the OSM Houston group the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creative genius in a high pressure apocalyptic zombie survival scenario.


At the end of the session, the team was analyzed by the staff regarding their moves, decisions, communication and what could have been done better to escape.  The Houston team had solved all of the challenges but it wasn’t until 30 seconds after the buzzer had chimed when the group found the final key to escape! 


Commenting on the program, OSM’s Global Marketing Manager, Kayla Franey, whom absolutely loved the challenge, “The event felt like a childhood game of good guys versus bad guys. When the zombie got close, everyone would scream and do anything to get out of his reach, the macho man promises of protecting each other gone with a loud flick of the chain. Solving the puzzle -filled with codes, riddles and visual clues - would be difficult in an hour without a monster breathing down your neck. Add in the fact that every five minutes, the zombie's chain grows longer and the pressure-packed room each of us was drenched in sweat by the end of it!  We all tried so hard and really embraced the concept which was what made it so fun.”


Remarking on the success of the event OSM North America’s Director of Crew Management, Per Selmer-Olsen, “The concept was super fun and the execution was done incredibly well.  The puzzles and riddles were definitely challenging enough for it to come to down to the wire.  The actors were really convincing and the quirkiness, character, and wit is really what put it over the top and made it as fun as it was.  It was great to see where each individuals strengths were, we are a very diverse group and it became very apparent we each played a very important role in getting things done. I was extremely proud of our team and how well we all worked together!  Because of the amount of growth OSM Houston has been experiencing as of late, it’s extremely important for us to all stay connected and understand where our strengths are so we can implement this sort of thing into our everyday work lives.”