The people that live the slogan
OSM Crew Manager Linda Marie Anderström - recruiting the right people & celebrating in shared success for the Crossway Eagle

Newly built accommodation rig, Crossway Eagle, came under OSM management in early 2016 - what happened next?  

“It wasn’t necessary to focus a lot on the company’s vison or the values, it all comes very naturally for you,” says Crew Manager Linda Marie Anderström, addressing the four gents that represent the Crossway Eagle offshore crew this sunny Thursday after-noon in Arendal, Norway.


For Linda Marie and the crew on board the Crossway Eagle, it’s all about people every day. She was responsible for finding the right people to fill the 18 marine positions onboard the Crossway Eagle when the newly built accommodation rig came under OSM management in early 2016. Since then, Linda Marie and the crew have developed a close and productive cooperation. 


Searching for the best

It wasn’t the easiest project to take on and the challenges seemed to line up the first couple of months. The challenges were quite normal for a rig coming straight from the yard, expected to be ready for immediate operation and under a relatively unknown regulatory regime, but this background made it even more important to have good people on board.  Linda Marie spent a lot of time searching for the people she could trust to deliver exactly what she was after:


It was important for me to find highly qualified people with the same kind of attitude. The crew that we signed shared the same set of characteristics,” says Linda Marie.


She explains that a positive approach and a responsible attitude are examples of such shared characteristics. Motivation is another key element. “You know, from day one I’ve said that you are the best. I believed in this team from the start and we can see now that you pull in the same direction and make each other good.”


Strong teams

The crew make it perfectly clear that they consider their crew manager as an equally important piece of the team puzzle: “Linda is helpful, she resolves issues and organizes everything. She is also a very good listener,” says Nicholas Sorrie, Safety Offi cer on the Crossway Eagle.

Sorrie visits the office in  Arendal in connection with a maintenance software training, along with the Stability Section Leaders, Rasmus Arnold and Lennart Alfredsson, and Technical Assistant Jens Larsson. They all agree that understanding the other side is key in building strong teams.

“It’s a matter of teamwork but also attitude,” says Nicholas, who has experienced that the office personnel genuinely care about fostering strong team relations: “I’ve noticed that people within OSM have a very positive attitude. The office is there to  help us. The onshore staff take care of us in a polite and organized manner. There is always really good interaction between the staff ashore and the crew on board.”


Shared success 

From take-over in June 2016, OSM and the Crossway Eagle team have run the unit in a safe, responsible and efficient manner. The statistics serve as evidence for flawless operations during the first year under OSM management. The hard work during the crucial start-up phase seems to have helped build a shared team spirit.

“This is the success of a united team. We’ve got people ashore and people offshore, but we’re all part of the same team,” Rasmus and Lennart say. “This has become an  exceptionally good project in a short period of time because the right people have been working together to complete a shared goal,” concludes Jens Larsson.