OSM Catering Academy
OSM has always seen training and development as key to sustain its continuous growth over the years. This shows from the investments made in areas such as Cadet Programs, New Training Academy, DP Training Center and much more.

OSM has always seen training and development as a key component of maintaining a continuous growth pattern.  OSM's commitment to in-house training can be seen from the OSM Cadet Programs, New Training Academy, DP Training Center and much more.  In keeping with this, OSM's latest training intiative involves the OSM Catering Academy which has recently opened in OSM Manila, Philippines.

The OSM Catering Academy had its official opening and inauguration on the 26th of March and is now fully operational and serving food for all office employees and guests alike. The training and education programs will start on 21st of April 2014.


OSM saw this as the next logical step in course offerings as a direct result of the fact that catering was the one department onboard vessels where most of the training is conducted externally.  With these new facilities, catering crew in OSM will attend internal training going forward allowing OSM to ensure that they are providing customers with the best possible quality staff.  


Objectives of the Catering Academy:

-        Educate talented young students to become competent Catering Crew.

-        Improve training standards for Catering Crew to achieve highest international standards.

-        Enhance competencies of existing Catering Crew to ensure quality assurance and career development.

-        Address market demands and customer needs.

-        Ensure compliance to new MLC catering standards.



The facilities are built to replicate those onboard an actual vessel to ensure training is more applicable and relevant. An example of this can be seen in the Galley style kitchen design.  The Catering Academy also has the following facilities:






-        Restaurant / Dining Area
-        Fine Dining
-        Dishwashing Room
-        Cold and Dry Storage Room
-        Male and Female Shower and Locker Rooms
-        Theory Room
-        Laundry Room
-        Cabin / Apartment


Ensuring Quality

OSM have also entered into collaboration with some well-known external organizations to ensure the highest standards of training in the industry:


-        Hyatt Hotel: Part of the program is a housekeeping program where students will be taught according to the standards of a 5 star hotel.

-        Enderun Colleges: Top culinary school and college in the country where students will gain in depth theoretical and practical knowledge, and education in cooking.

-        EcoLab: OSM is to become certified to conduct EcoLab training and EcoLab products will be used.


About the Training Programs





Two programs have been established in the catering academy, Catering Education and Competence Enhancement.


The goal of the Catering Education program is to develop the future of Catering Crew by offering full education and hands on training.  Taking young students through a carefully planned career development program ensures that the right skills and competencies are developed from the beginning.


The Competence Enhancement program aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of existing catering crew to ensure competencies are at par with international standards.


More details about the programs, schedules, courses and course content will be made available soon.