The focus of OSM’s sustainability efforts is to create long term value for our customers, our shareholders and society; by delivering a strong environmental performance, by being a responsible business partner and affecting the societies in which we operate in a positive way. 




OSM’s vision is to be: Our vision is to be a long-term partner for our customers, a home for our people and an asset in society.


The OSM Maritime Group has a long tradition in being a provider of quality service, operational safety and environmental protection in the marine shipping industry.  Our goal is to constantly improve our reputation as a premier shipping company and to provide our services with integrity and reliability aiming for zero incidents and zero spills




When it comes to safety, at OSM we are constantly striving to improve our safety standards.  We believe that the crew aboard the vessels in which we operate should embrace the power of individual responsibility.  Our crew members are expected to do everything within their power to prevent incidents and accidents onboard their own vessel, and all employees have the obligation to stop colleagues taking unsafe actions.  We ask all of our employees to share best practices with their colleagues so that all crews can learn from them, at the same time reinforcing our safety mindset and improving the quality we provide our customers.