Health, Safety & Environment

Acting with constant care is embedded in the safety culture of OSM.  Like our customers, we demand rigorous health, safety and environmental procedures and excellent procedures and excellent performance, and our values guide us to provide our people with a safe and healthy work environment. 


OSM HSE Policy Statement   

We will manage and perform all aspects of our activities in a way that ensures and maintains the health and the safety of all our employees. We will look after ship owners' and our customers' values and do our utmost to protect the environment and conserve resources. We will encourage a working environment where the objective is continuous improvement.


All company activities will be planned and undertaken according to the following goals:


  • Zero personal injuries
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero damage to equipment
  • Zero operational disruptions
  • Zero oil spills



We aim to reduce operational emissions (such as exhaust gases) as much as reasonably practicable. In order to maintain the above standards, all those in authority will incorporate relevant safety requirements into their plans, procedures, guidelines or directives that he/she might issue. In the same way, all employees should consider whether plans or instructions received from others can be performed safely.


All employees have an obligation to report to their supervisor all conditions that might be hazardous to their safety or the environment. Every employee has a responsibility for his/her own safety and the safety of others. This requires a positive attitude and active participation by all parties.


Through relevant training and information, we will ensure that all our employees adhere to safe working practices.



OSM Maritime Group is committed to conducting its operations with the highest regard for health, safety and the environment.


Our goal is to not only comply with applicable laws, but also create a culture of safety. OSM Maritime Group adheres to comprehensive environmental and safety practices, as well as many other safeguards to promote responsible operations. We believe that a proactive safety approach is good business.