OSM Social Responsibility

To OSM, working responsible means seeking to have positive impacts on the areas where we operate. 


OSM is committed to conducting business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner.  We aim to create long term value for the companies in which we partner with and are committed to making a positive impact to local communities.   

The work we do involves supporting local communities develop, both socially and economically. We build capacity in local communities by supporting education and bu training local employees, and providing support to our employees families. 

We focus on identifying and delivering value added projects that apply the skills of the OSM Group. 






When managed properly, our presence in a region has the potential to contribute to local and national economies.

When we move into a new area, we look for opportunities to share the benefits of our presence. This includes contributing to economies through our core business activities, for example by helping to develop the national and local supply base, and community investment, such as supporting communities’ efforts to increase their incomes and improve standards of living.


As a part of our local content strategy we aim to use local labour and talent wherever possible, and seek to recruit from the local community or country.


A number of our locations are working to improve local and national representation in their workforce.


In Angola, approximately 70% of our total workforce are Angolan nationals and we are helping to develop the pool of skilled local labour.