At OSM, training is considered a central pillar to our organizational success. The supply of competent seafarers is at the very heart of OSM’s high-quality management system, and is the key to ensuring the safe and economical operation of today’s vessels.

With our comprehensive knowledge and experience, we are able to cover the entire maritime industry. We use our internal training platforms to uphold our commitment to the continuous development of our employees’ knowledge and skills, to ensure that they are highly capable and compliant with necessary regulatory requirement.

We use the state-of-the-art facilities to deliver a range of programmes, not only to give employees the necessary skills and competences required to maintain the safe and efficient operation of modern vessels, but to also help them get the most out of their careers, both onshore and offshore.  


The OSM Training Services encourage practical and pragmatic approach to learning. Our courses are created using a competence management approach.

Trainees are encouraged to think about how to exceed customer expectation. OSM offers trainees with interactive programs, blending theory with practical activities, using real-life case studies and hands-on training to provide them with the tools and techniques needed for success.

OSM recognizes the importance of effective learning and proper development to produce competent seafarers. Our training standards ensure that our seafarers are able to operate customers’ vessels successfully according to customer requirements and quality standards set forth by international regulations.