Catering Academy

With an emphasis on seafarer health and welfare, OSM Catering Academy has since it’s establishment in 2014, sought to provide a comprehensive service covering onboard housekeeping and catering capabilities through highly trained chefs with versatile culinary skills.


OSM Maritime Group offers a complete range of services. Our Catering Services have been devised to inspire confidence in terms of taste, quality and presentation through an all-inclusive catering package. 

A meal is just as vital as the manual activity being executed for a job offshore. In support of this, OSM's Catering cadets are taught to create culinary delights, from the planning stages through to the processing, storing, handling and presentation of delicious meals, always in hygienically safe conditions and in accordance with consumer wishes.  





The OSM Catering Academy offers catering for the maritime and the oil and gas industry. We provide catering, housekeeping, laundry, janitorial services, security, recreation and more. 

We strive not only to make the service standards exemplary, but also to make the hard job of living offshore more enjoyable; the following course offerings are designed to help our students develop the skills they need to accomplish just that. 



Our Services

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Catering Education

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Competence Enhancement

Enhancing competencies of existing catering crew to reach international standards.

Catering Academy Facilities & Faculty

The OSM Catering Academy offers a state of the art culinary training facility that provides a venue for up to date training of seafarers by International Chefs and other ship industry professionals.  The training center simulates the working environment of a ship’s galley, mess room, laundry and has a classroom for educational discussions and mess trainings.  The training center is equipped with the same modern equipment found on many international vessels. As a commitment to quality, our training center is compliant with the most up to date MLMC catering standards.  



  • Educate talented young students to become competent catering crew.
  • Improve training standards for catering crew to achieve highest international standards.
  • Enhance competencies of existing catering crew to ensure quality assurance and career development.
  • Address market demands and customer needs.
  • Ensure compliance to new MLC catering standards. 


The OSM Catering Academy was created to provide our customers with a full range of quality and innovative catering services backed by a diverse, service oriented staff.  Our professionally trained culinary staff members are dedicated to providing the highest level of catering training.



  • Senior experienced faculty members with Norwegian, Danish, Swiss & Filipino nationality.
  • Background in teaching and program development from internationally recognized culinary school.
  • Pioneer of various international restaurant concepts recognized to be among the best.
  • More than 100 years of combined experience in the Scandinavian offshore industry as Camp Boss, Chief Steward, Chief Cooks and other Supervisory roles onboard Rigs, Offshore and Running vessels.
  • All faculty members have recent experience in the industry.