ROV Pilot Technician


OSM Offers training for ROV Pilot Technician Grade II – using IMCA Syllabus. Our course provides Technical training to meet the industry requirements as laid down by the trade association IMCA.

A seven-week course that provide technical training on Electronics, High Voltage, Fiber Optics, Working at Height, Hydraulics and ROV simulator practical exercises. It also includes IMCA R002 ROV Familiarization Basic Introductory Module. Training will be conducted in the Philippines by an experienced ROV Pilot Technicians.

This course is significant to Oil and Gas Industry players, especially to those working on whole spectrum of life-field applications from exploration drill support to decommissioning of offshore infrastructure. This embraces offshore construction and oil field IRM – Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

Attendees will be trained in technical aspects relating to the operation and maintenance of a Work Class ROV System with focus on safety.


7 weeks (280 hours)